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  • They are similar to transpositional puns, but often much less complex and easier to create.
  • Transpositional equivalence is a feature of musical set theory.
  • In practice, set-theoretic musical analysis often consists in the identification of non-obvious transpositional or inversional relationships between sets found in a piece.
  • Transpositional combinatoriality is the lack of shared pitch classes between a hexachord and one or more of its transpositions.
  • Some words don't go far beyond this basic transpositional rule, and sound much like their English source, while others differ in ways, one of those ways being the carrying of dentals.
  • More generally, in musical set theory partitioning is the division of the domain of pitch class sets into types, such as transpositional type, see equivalence class and cardinality.
  • Sets belonging to the same transpositional set class are very similar-sounding; while sets belonging to the same transpositional/inversional set class are fairly similar sounding.
  • A Russian reversal is an example of both an antimetabole and a transpositional pun.
  • The many different transpositional possibilities available to White make the English a slippery opening for Black to defend against, and make it necessary for him to consider carefully what move order to employ.
  • Ptolemy's system differed from the earlier Aristoxenian model, which had thirteen transpositional levels each a semitone from its neighbours.
  • She also introduced new terminology in order to 'simplify' the labelling and categorization of the set-classes, and to draw attention to the specific transpositional properties within a field.
  • A transpositional pun is a complicated pun format with two aspects.
  • A particular transformation (prime, inversion, retrograde, retrograde-inversion) together with a choice of transpositional level is referred to as a set form or row form.
  • As a result, transpositional puns are considered among the most difficult to create, and commonly the most challenging to comprehend, particularly for non-native speakers of the language in which they're given (most commonly English).
  • In general, for a given scale S, the scalar transpositions of a line L can be grouped into categories, or transpositional set classes, whose members are related by chromatic transposition.
  • It is similar to enharmonic equivalency and octave equivalency and even transpositional equivalency.
  • He names this transpositional class the seven-tone impure major second scale, and notes that the various modes of the major Locrian can all be defined as the whole tone scale with one additional note, and where that note occurs does not affect the transpositional class.
  • Isomorphic keyboards have the unique properties of transpositional invariance and tuning invariance when used with rank-2 temperaments of just intonation.
  • Transpositional modulation (TM) is a proposed new RF modulation technique developed by Richard Gerdes.
  • Inversion about a pitch axis is a compound operation much like set theory's transpositional inversion, however in pitch axis inversion the transposition may be chromatic or diatonic transposition.
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