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  • Many people from company headquarters were let go during this transitional period.
  • In a later stage of the development the child no longer needs the transitional object.
  • It subsequently took part in the transitional government and is now the main opposition party.
  • The period is a transitional one, but does not stand outside the traditional three-age system.
  • The transitional period was limited to twenty-two months, after which general elections would be held.
  • Well, both of those things but also a transitional album that had to be made.
  • A transitional government was set up until the election was over.
  • But once I hit that five-year transitional period, I was like a machine.
  • Thus the transitional period in post-Soviet Russian politics came to an end.
  • March is more of a sharp transitional month from winter to summer.
  • This is widely considered one of the better songs off what is essentially a transitional album.
  • They are in between modern and old style, thus the name "transitional."
  • Both schools of economic thought considered that a certain form of planning was necessary for a transitional period following the war.
  • The transitional period has been one of increased political and national stability.
  • A transitional channel is needed and located in our past experiences, both for our previous experience and present experience.
  • He is best known for his ideas on the true self and false self, and the transitional object.
  • But it can also be interpreted as any transitional experience, any state that lies between two other states.
  • The transitional period from summer to winter temperatures can be very short.
  • He appointed a transitional government that would lead to promised elections but he retained substantial powers.
  • The city is located in a transitional region of the province.
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Meaning of transitional

  • adjective Of or relating to or characterized by transition
    adolescence is a transitional stage between childhood and adulthood