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  • Info Transatlantic is an adjective describing something that spans or crosses the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Design changes had been made to make the aircraft more suitable for transatlantic operations.
  • The company started with a route to England prior to starting a transatlantic service.
  • He made four official transatlantic visits to America during his second term as prime minister.
  • The port became an important site in the history of the transatlantic slave trade.
  • Since the English came late to the transatlantic trade, their commercial revolution was later as well.
  • Her career on the Atlantic was indeed short-lived, as she only provided transatlantic service for ten years.
  • He also has a master's degree in modern transatlantic relations from the University of Paris.
  • Other than the single-handed transatlantic crossing, there are a good many other races held for the class.
  • He had joined company with Wise at one time to help with the plans for a transatlantic flight.
  • This was reported as the first transatlantic trip of a Greek war vessel.
  • He also won national and transatlantic reputation as an original thinker and writer on education.
  • She was put back on the transatlantic route in March.
  • This was intended for a regular transatlantic service to New York or South America.
  • Both the first two transatlantic lines failed after major accidents.
  • Transatlantic services were to be reduced and staff were to be replaced with US-based cabin crew.
  • The museum is at the site of the original transatlantic flying-boat terminus.
  • The members of the team hoped to claim the prize for a transatlantic flight.
  • As many as three million slaves may have been taken from this general region during the three centuries that the transatlantic slave trade operated.
  • A digital archive of material related to the transatlantic slave trade will be available.
  • A cabin from the transatlantic ship New America is part of the interior.
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  • adjective Crossing the atlantic ocean
    transatlantic flight