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  • Info In the field of cell biology, TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL), is a protein functioning as a ligand that induces the process of cell death called apoptosis.
  • The mountain is located on private land with public access by walking trail.
  • He found a well-defined trail, but it had not been recently used. Cited from The Rainbow Trail, by Zane Grey
  • The two men who had followed the pipe-line trail had found nothing. Cited from The Eyes of the World, by Harold Bell Wright
  • They followed a path toward the west which by that time had probably become a well-marked trail. Cited from Once Upon A Time In Connecticut, by C. Newton
  • Some of these important native trails were in many places as narrow as two feet.
  • A former railway track has been converted into a walking trail.
  • This track crossing is the site of the only train station along the trail's length.
  • Many of its roads bear the names she put on the trails she established.
  • Most of the course is held on single-track trails and fire roads.
  • Three major long-distance trails pass within a mile of the village.
  • Its leading edge is formed round, while the trailing edge is cut straight.
  • They were buried along the route, which became known as the Trail of Death.
  • West Virginia has of the trail, not including about along the Virginia border.
  • There are a number of walk trails within the park but no water is available.
  • Parts of the abandoned route have been converted into a walking trail.
  • We followed the well-marked trail of the troops. Cited from Woman on the American Frontier, William W. Fowler
  • Adjacent to the museum, a park with a walking trail can be found.
  • Our part is to find the trail that leads to it.
  • The primary feature of the park is a multi-use trail.
  • A return trip on this trail typically takes seven days.
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Meaning of trail

  • noun A track or mark left by something that has passed
    there as a trail of blood, a tear left its trail on her cheek
  • noun A path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
  • verb Move, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly
    John trailed behind his class mates, The Mercedes trailed behind the horse cart
  • verb Hang down so as to drag along the ground
    The bride's veiled trailed along the ground
  • verb Drag loosely along a surface; allow to sweep the ground
    The toddler was trailing his pants, She trained her long scarf behind her