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  • Info In the composites industry, a tow is an untwisted bundle of continuous filaments, and it refers to man-made fibres, particularly carbon fibres (also called graphite).
  • She was also used to tow newly built ships out to the North Sea.
  • Then he drives down the road and offers to tow them back to his place.
  • She towed him to the shore where first aid was applied.
  • However, for Germany horses remained the most common way of towing artillery throughout the war.
  • On a commercial system, a typical group might be a small business such as a towing company.
  • It gained its name during the war because of its service towing military gliders.
  • She lost speed and had to be towed after the battle.
  • It was situated a short distance to the north-west of Tow Law.
  • The larger ships were towed into the port from near Centre Island.
  • A launch tows seven or eight of these house-boats at a time. Cited from Lady of the Decoration, by Frances Little
  • Towed out of action long enough to make repairs, she soon resumed her former position.
  • Few ships operate in the region during winter but some winter tows south of Australia have been made.
  • This duty, including towing several ships back to England, continued until November.
  • The ship was observed next morning being towed to the beach.
  • She turned two miles below and again closed AMETHYST to take her in tow.
  • We had to wait while they let three tows through. Cited from The Pit, by Frank Norris
  • Batteries towed light field guns where most or all of the crew rode horses into battle.
  • Once again, a friend came to the rescue by offering to tow the race car.
  • If they got stuck, they would have to wait to be towed out.
  • In doing so, he ordered them to cast off towing their prizes.
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Meaning of tow

  • noun The act of hauling something (as a vehicle) by means of a hitch or rope
    the truck gave him a tow to the garage
  • verb Drag behind
    Horses used to tow barges along the canal