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  • In the 1990s, they were bought by a man who now lives in the lunette of Tousey.
  • Tousey has become a professional dancer and actress.
  • The Tousey stories were on the whole the more lurid and sensational of the two.
  • Once again, color came into the fray when Frank Tousey introduced a weekly with brightly color covers in 1896.
  • To many campers disappointment, Camp Tousey was abruptly shut down after the summer of 1990.
  • Tousey reports a case of foreign body in the axilla that was taken for a necrotic fragment of the clavicle. Cited from Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, Gould/Pyle
  • Each campfire gathering would end with the singing of the Camp Tousey Anthem, followed immediately by the singing of Taps.
  • He finds the dead wife's sister (Tousey), who is a champion horse rider and Mr. McCree's daughter, which makes her only half-Indian.
  • After graduating, Tousey enrolled in the graduate acting program at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
  • William G. Tousey, a philosophy professor from Tufts College, gave the community its current name, which is derived from a Spanish phrase meaning "valley of gold."
  • In 1917 Senarens became the editor of the Tousey detective story periodical, Mystery Magazine.
  • In the 1970s, he worked with Richard Tousey to make several notable observations including the coronal mass ejections mentioned above, lithium ions in solar flares, and various other things.
  • But on the next image the bright area had moved away from the Sun and he immediately recognized this as being unusual and took it to his supervisor, Dr. Guenter Brueckner, and then to the solar physics branch head, Dr. Tousey.
  • While admitting that Kraft did buy many salad dressings, Tousey disputes the claim that X-tra Fine was Miracle Whip.
  • The stories were very successful, and by the 1890s Senarens was asked by publisher Frank Tousey to write a similar series featuring Jack Wright, the "Boy Inventor".
  • Camp Tousey was a YMCA summer camp located about two miles (3 km) from the village of Redwood in Jefferson County, New York in the United States, and about eight miles (13 km) from Alexandria Bay, New York, a small resort town on the St. Lawrence River in the Thousand Islands area.
  • During all this time the local government made unremitting efforts to obtain relief, and seems to have used pecuniary as well as legal arguments to effect its purpose; at all events, it finally secured a majority in the Privy Council, who reversed Winthrop v. Lechmere, in Clark v. Tousey. Cited from The Emancipation of Massachusetts, by Brooks Adams
  • Harry Wolff, the successor in interest to the Frank Tousey titles, continued to reprint many of them up into the mid-1920s, most notably Secret Service, Pluck and Luck, Fame and Fortune, and Wild West Weekly.
  • Jacob Wheeler (John Terry) and his wife Thunder Heart Woman (Sheila Tousey) decide to move to South Dakota to settle in with the people they care about -- Robert and Clara.
  • Hail Our Camp Tousey, With A strong cheer, Hail all the friendships, That we cherish dear, Tousey forever, Camp of great fame, Fight for her honor, And glorify her name.
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