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  • The band set out on a year long tour to support the album.
  • He then went on a six-month tour before taking a well-earned rest.
  • This three-month tour was received well at many places in the UK.
  • They had a brief tour and recorded several songs, but never released an album.
  • His father considered his ill-health as a good reason for another European tour.
  • During this two-year tour of duty he was promoted to captain.
  • The production then went on a four-month tour throughout the UK.
  • He agreed to help out and complete the tour with them.
  • In that year he began a two-year world tour.
  • Men signed up for a three-year tour of duty with the cavalry.
  • On the three-week tour the county team played ten cricket matches against local teams.
  • He is working on a film and follow-up tour.
  • It was the first time trial in the Tour's nine-year history.
  • By July, the tour's first half had sold out in each city.
  • He is planning to take a six-week tour of Europe with his wife.
  • He spoke throughout the state in his final campaign tour.
  • She later performed the piece on a cross-country tour.
  • The following month, they returned to North America for a two-month tour.
  • Not bad for the first stop on his world tour.
  • The team found further success in the Tour's last two days.
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Meaning of tour

  • noun A journey or route all the way around a particular place or area
    they took an extended tour of Europe, we took a quick circuit of the park, a ten-day coach circuit of the island
  • verb Make a tour of a certain place
    We toured the Provence this summer