total solar eclipse

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  • A very similar effect can be seen during a total solar eclipse.
  • However, all total solar eclipses can be seen from more than one planet.
  • At the very moment that the bishop is making his visit, a total solar eclipse takes place.
  • Therefore, the last total solar eclipse on Earth will occur about six hundred million years from now.
  • The new equipment provided an opportunity to observe the total solar eclipse during the same year.
  • SNCB wanted to run a special train that day because of a total solar eclipse.
  • This was the first total solar eclipse recorded in the United States.
  • It produced the six longest total solar eclipses of the 20th century, three of them over seven minutes long.
  • The transit is followed five hours later by a total solar eclipse visible from Britain.
  • As he himself says, the crucial test was supplied by the last total solar eclipse. Cited from The Einstein Theory of Relativity, A Concise Statement, by H.A. Lorentz
  • This allows the Moon to cover the Sun nearly precisely in total solar eclipse.
  • Total solar eclipses are seen on Earth because of a fortuitous combination of circumstances.
  • A total solar eclipse plays a crucial role in their efforts to escape imprisonment by the tribal people.
  • Mercury can, like several other planets and the brightest stars, be seen during a total solar eclipse.
  • He and his daughter Gertrude Bacon made some of the earliest attempts to film a total solar eclipse.
  • It was the first of four total solar eclipses that would be seen from Sweden during the next 40 years.
  • They passed over the whitewater of the falls during a total solar eclipse, which some of the men regarded as a good omen.
  • These are much larger than the Sun's angular diameter, so total solar eclipses are possible with these moons.
  • Perhaps the darkest day in modern history was that caused by the total solar eclipse in the year 1806. Cited from Scientific American, Volume 36, No. 8, February 24, 1877
  • A total solar eclipse will pass over the island on 5 December 2048.
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