tolerantly as

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  • Those golden eyes of his saw tolerantly as well as clearly. Cited from The Purple Heights, by Marie Conway Oemler
  • Thea laughed tolerantly as she began to gather up her music. Cited from The Song of the Lark, Willa Cather
  • Daisy smiled tolerantly as she indicated the photograph of a boy upon the mantelpiece. Cited from The Way of an Eagle, by Ethel M. Dell
  • Stubbs clambered into the saddle with difficulty, and, once astride the animal, he maneuvered so as to get right in among the British cavalrymen, who smiled tolerantly as they surrounded him. Cited from The Boy Allies in the Trenches, by Clair Wallace Hayes
  • But the Liberal Catholic, man or woman, who is both patriotically Italian and sincerely religious, will discuss anything or anybody in heaven or earth, and just as tolerantly as would Lord Acton himself. Cited from A Writer's Recollections, V2, Mrs. Humphry Ward