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  • It is more tolerant of dry conditions than most other members of its genus.
  • Instead the new charge of religion would the education of just and tolerant citizens.
  • She is very tolerant, but in the end, she can only be pushed so far.
  • He was much more tolerant of opposition parties and human rights.
  • American society has become increasingly tolerant of off-color humor since that time.
  • Smaller plants can be killed by frost, although larger plants are more tolerant.
  • This model makes it easy to program open, fault-tolerant applications within the language.
  • They are the most tolerant of men and many even marry.
  • It was reduced to it, because the tolerant state should be separated from any religion.
  • They were not tolerant of religious views significantly different from their own.
  • Two years after the fire, sun tolerant plants grow in the disturbed soil.
  • All of the plants selected for the site are tolerant of heat, wind and dry soil conditions.
  • Often, a person who uses one drug can be tolerant to a drug that has a completely different function.
  • One becomes more patient and tolerant of differences, not only in nature, but also in general.
  • This phenomenon allows one to become tolerant to a drug that they have never even used before.
  • Overall, members of the same bands are fairly tolerant of each other.
  • This species is tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions.
  • This team also went on to create a more error tolerant form of the technique.
  • They also appear highly tolerant to heat and cold.
  • They are described as hardy, though not tolerant of warm conditions, and long lived.
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Meaning of tolerant

  • adjective Showing respect for the rights or opinions or practices of others