to retard

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  • He says we can't do anything except to retard the progress of the disease. Cited from The Real Adventure, by Henry Kitchell Webster
  • Lack of education continued to retard the spread of advanced technology in rural areas.
  • When it came to the point she could neither do nor say any thing to retard his cure. Cited from A Terrible Temptation, by Charles Reade
  • They did much to retard the operations of the enemy till a defensive army could be raised. Cited from Elements of Military Art and Science, by Henry Wager Halleck
  • They were determined to struggle to the last minute, to do anything to retard their fall. Cited from The Mysterious Island, by Jules Verne
  • He even tried to retard his march, if he felt that Tom was getting tired. Cited from Dick Sand, by Jules Verne
  • The plants have been kept too cool in order to retard them. Cited from More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II
  • Such a report of the situation of things, you may suppose, was not likely to retard my journey. Cited from Dreams, Waking Thoughts, and Incidents, Beckford
  • Can we hope for anything more than thus to retard the leakage? Cited from The Faith of the Millions (2nd series), by George Tyrrell
  • I was ordered out with my regiment with three others to meet and endeavor to retard their march. Cited from The Campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn, by Henry P. Johnston
  • Several causes combined to retard the commencement of military operations until late in the year. Cited from Herzegovina, by George Arbuthnot
  • Does evil so react upon good, as not only to retard its motion, but to change its nature? Cited from Works of the Right Honourable Edmund Burke, Vol. II. (of 12), by Burke
  • His strength was slow in returning; and his desire to continue his journey seemed to retard his recovery. Cited from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, Harriet Jacobs (AKA Linda Brent)
  • When the usual time for retiring approached, the king seemed trying to retard it. Cited from Chicot the Jester, by Alexandre Dumas
  • The case sides were cup-shaped to retard the fall of the bomb.
  • But when there is nothing to retard or thwart it, nature is moved with its whole energy. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part I (Prima Pars), by Thomas Aquinas
  • Medication can be used to retard this effect, but is not always successful.
  • Many circumstances had combined to retard the development of its vast natural resources and the growth of modern manufacturing industries. Cited from India, Old and New, by Sir Valentine Chirol
  • The slope was also designed to retard or stop cannon shot from naval ships.
  • It was in vain to pursue him, without dogs to retard his flight. Cited from David Crockett, by John S. C. Abbott
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