to extradite

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  • He was arrested in Canada and plans were made to extradite him.
  • It has today become an important concept in public international law by which states refuse to extradite their own citizens.
  • However, this third attempt to extradite her also failed.
  • Ireland has taken no action to extradite the men back to Colombia.
  • No charge is being laid and China has not agreed to extradite him, although asked to by the Australian government.
  • He fled to Spain after the war, which refused to extradite him to stand trial in France.
  • Attempts to extradite him failed, and Taylor remained in Indiana until he died.
  • Mann lost his last appeal against the decision to extradite him.
  • Before he was elected to the Duma, the British government tried to extradite him without success.
  • She has not been transferred to the Court and the Ivorian government has yet to extradite her.
  • Since the treaty, our government has refused to extradite where the offense charged is not included in the treaty. Cited from The Journal of Negro History, Volume 4, 1919, by Various
  • Croatia, where he had taken refuge, refused to extradite him, but he was put on trial there.
  • Initially the court agreed, but changed its mind when the Netherlands agreed to extradite Lehuby.
  • Within twenty-four hours he'll clear out and be out of the state, and if they want to get him they'll have to extradite. Cited from Arcadian Adventures, by Stephen Leacock
  • Although the U.S. government tried to extradite Foster and her husband, they were unable to do so.
  • Attempts were also made at this time to extradite the Indians to British Indian custody.
  • Typically, in such countries, the final decision to extradite lies with the national executive (prime minister, president or equivalent).
  • Pakistan government has proposed to extradite him to Iran to face kidnapping charges.
  • Summoned by the Dutch authorities he refused to appear, and when the chiefs were asked to extradite him they refused.
  • However Pakistan refused to extradite him to the United States.
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