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  • The force is so strong everyone ends up going back in time to Bedrock.
  • The building is extremely stable because the foundation goes all the way down to bedrock.
  • It was placed on a platform built upon nine heavy piles, which were driven to bedrock. Cited from Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission, by Various
  • He is in the penitentiary now, and the family is about down to bedrock. Cited from The Bread-winners, by John Hay
  • Arthur knew, however, that long concrete piles reached far down to bedrock. Cited from The Runaway Skyscraper, by Murray Leinster
  • "Get down to bedrock and do an honest job of building." Cited from The Friendly Road, by David Grayson
  • Later exploration to bedrock in pursuit of hard-rock ores met with little success.
  • I have promised K. to help him by keeping my demands down to bedrock necessities. Cited from Gallipoli Diary, Volume I, by Ian Hamilton
  • The roads were constructed by digging a pit along the length of the intended course, often to bedrock.
  • The foundation was carried to bedrock 12 feet below the surface.
  • Fred and the others head back to Bedrock, leaving their children and grandchildren in happy harmony.
  • In the 1960s the site was excavated in some areas to bedrock.
  • The depth to bedrock has an effect on the plants that grow well in the Taiga as well.
  • Neutra had insisted on the house being secured to bedrock, so the structure itself was not in danger.
  • It stands out in regard of its east-west orientation, depth to bedrock, and hazard to an urban population center.
  • The impact did not penetrate to bedrock but was confined to local sand, making it particularly valuable as a research site.
  • To prevent this, reinforcements were attached to bedrock to shore up the bathtub walls.
  • Some of them are bullet-shaped and aligned according to bedrock striations and ice flow within the former ice sheet.
  • They were attempting to dig to bedrock in the middle of a flowing river.
  • The building, like all modern sky-scrapers, rested on concrete piles extending down to bedrock. Cited from The Runaway Skyscraper, by Murray Leinster
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