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  • New characters were required so that the story could continue without its titular character.
  • During his first appearances in the titular eleven, he played left-back.
  • Many more have received the status of titular churches in modern times.
  • The highest titular office in the land is not open to "free and fair competition".
  • If only one player is present, he or she may play against the titular "Jones".
  • Most recently he has appeared as the titular character in the BBC series Father Brown.
  • Buffy also makes appearances in literature outside of her own titular series.
  • Now former sees even in Christian countries are assigned as titular sees.
  • The city remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic church.
  • The show followed the lives of a group of students attending the titular fictional school.
  • As titular emperor, his role was still the same, to beg help from the western powers.
  • He became a titular colonel of several horse regiments of the English Army.
  • The titular character appeared at various ages in these stories, though the majority of the stories centered around his college years.
  • The Governor, the titular head of state, is appointed by the President of India.
  • It is now listed by the Catholic Church as a titular see.
  • He had a strong interest in military matters and took his role as titular Commander-in-Chief very seriously.
  • It is used for bishops who hold no ordinary power of their own and thus are titular bishops.
  • Due to its Christian past, it is still a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • The game once again follows the titular characters as they attempt to save a princess jailed within a castle tower.
  • It was composed of five titular members and five alternate members selected directly by the Supreme Director.
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Synonyms of titular

Meaning of titular

  • adjective Of or relating to a legal title to something
    titulary rights
  • adjective Of or bearing a title signifying status or function
    of titular rank
  • adjective Of or pertaining to the title of a work of art
    performed well in the titular (or title) role, the titular theme of the book
  • adjective Of or associated with or bearing a title signifying nobility
    titular dignitaries