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  • He has since then turned his hand to writing with Rose-tinted Summer.
  • To get good black and white tints, the average time is five or six hours. Cited from Notes and Queries, Number 189, June 11, 1853, ed. by George Bell
  • Later issues then had a green tint on the front picture and a green back.
  • The inside of the box seemed filled with green light tinted with yellow. Cited from The Mummy and Miss Nitocris, by George Griffith
  • Flowers are small and white, sometimes with a light green or yellow tint.
  • Thus we see only the blue channel of the image, but rather blue tinted than black and white.
  • Tinted glass was also introduced on these cars for the first time.
  • This is a good image, but the overall tint seems too green to me.
  • They put it into a police car with dark-tinted windows.
  • Night scenes in this film were intended to be seen in blue tint.
  • The head contains many white or pink-tinted flowers which open at night.
  • Some of these are in bronze-tint, while others are in full color.
  • One is a married couple lying in bed, the image heavily tinted blue.
  • Put the white between the pink and green, that the tints may show better. Cited from The Whitehouse Cookbook (1887), by Mrs. F.L. Gillette
  • The car had dark tinted windows so nobody could see in from the outside.
  • An AM radio and tinted glass were added to the extensive standard equipment list.
  • Light brown hair requires blue, which sets off to advantage the golden tint. Cited from Our Deportment, by John H. Young
  • Its color is pale gray, sometimes with tints of brown in the center.
  • It is mainly black and white, but the back is tinted green.
  • The darkening rose tint remained till half-past ten, the grand time being at nine. Cited from The Storm-Cloud of the Nineteenth Century, by John Ruskin
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Meaning of tint

  • verb Color lightly
    her greying hair was tinged blond, the leaves were tinged red in November