time asymmetry

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  • He has also postulated a theory on chronons and time asymmetry.
  • No physical laws are broken in the reverse movie except the second law of thermodynamics, which reflects the time-asymmetry of entropy.
  • Accordingly, size asymmetry can occur only together with time asymmetry and only when the Long Run relationship between prices is restored after the impulse shock to upstream prices.
  • He consequently rejected the conventional view that physical time asymmetry is only explained by asymmetric boundary conditions on the universe, and claimed it is a law-like feature of quantum physics.
  • One can assert that possible correlations are uninteresting, and therefore decide to ignore them; but if one does so, one has changed the conceptual system, injecting an element of time-asymmetry by that very action.
  • Vaknin postulates the existence of various time quarks (up, down, colors, etc.) whose properties cancel each other and thus the arrow of time is derived (time asymmetry).
  • Chronon interactions (particle exchanges) in the Time Field generate "time" and "time asymmetry" as we observe them.
  • By asserting that it was acceptable to ignore these correlations in the population at times after the initial time, Boltzmann had introduced an element of time asymmetry through the formalism of his calculation.
  • However, the fluctuation theorem assumes that the system is initially in a non-equilibrium state, so it can be argued that the theorem only verifies the time-asymmetry of the second law of thermodynamics based on an a priori assumption of time-asymmetric boundary conditions.
  • A model of quantised time was proposed by Vaknin in his 1982 Ph.D. dissertation, titled "Time Asymmetry Revisited".
  • He developed the Double Inferential Vector Formalism (DIVF), later known as the Two-state vector formalism (TSVF), which is sometime interpreted as contradicting his proof of time-asymmetry, but this is a misunderstanding.