Thurn und Taxis

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  • He cultivated close ties with the Thurn und Taxis family and other influential people in the region.
  • The Danish post office, as well as Thurn und Taxis, closed their posts.
  • The name Thurn und Taxis arose from the translation into German of the family's French title.
  • His parents and their children then moved to Munich, with support from his mother's relatives from the Thurn und Taxis dynasty.
  • Already around 1530, the Thurn und Taxis family started to run a post-house in Saal.
  • The castle is owned by the princely house of Thurn und Taxis and is not open for visitors.
  • The last owner of this estate was a Bavarian family of Thurn und Taxis, who owned the estate until the establishment of an independent republic.
  • The family of Thurn und Taxis remains well known as owners of breweries and former builders of castles.
  • Thereafter, the house of Thurn und Taxis using the imperial yellow and black livery maintained the postal privilege for many centuries.
  • In 1908 the museum moved into the Palais Thurn und Taxis in the city centre.
  • Since 1993, Thurn und Taxis has been a football commentator on the pay television channel Sky Deutschland.
  • Thurn und Taxis lost its monopoly when Napoleon granted the Rhine Confederation the right to conduct postal services.
  • The castle was formerly owned by the Thurn und Taxis aristocracy.
  • His mother was from Germany, and was probably a domestic servant in the household of Sophie von Thurn und Taxis.
  • Paul appears to have kept a diary, but like everything else concerning him in the Regensburg archives of the Thurn und Taxis family, it has been destroyed.
  • Karl Anselm von Thurn und Taxis remained lord of the castle until the feudal tenure was abolished later on.
  • The Federal Assembly had its seat in the palais Thurn und Taxis in Frankfurt.
  • The buildings were sold, and since 1899 have been in the possession of the Princes of Thurn und Taxis.
  • Apart from Prince Karl, and General von Thurn und Taxis, no Bavarian General had ever commanded a division before.
  • In Mantua, they suffered a snub from Prince Michael of Thurn und Taxis, who informed them through a servant that he had no desire to meet them.
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