thrice as many

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  • How fast they come out now; five this morning, but twenty to-night, and thrice as many to-morrow! Cited from Stories Mother Nature Told, by Jane Andrews
  • In fifteen minutes he had won thrice as many thousands of francs. Cited from The Lone Wolf, by Louis Joseph Vance
  • So that the unprotected plants produced nearly thrice as many seeds by weight as the protected plants. Cited from Cross & Self-Fertilisation, by Charles Darwin
  • Those who possessed movable wealth may have numbered thrice as many. Cited from Across the Zodiac, by Percy Greg
  • Since then twelve sieges have I seen with skirmishes and onfalls thrice as many. Cited from Beltane The Smith, by Jeffery Farnol
  • For the commonwealth to the first creation of her councils in full number, required thrice as many as are eligible by the foregoing orders. Cited from The Commonwealth of Oceana, by James Harrington
  • It seems strange to us now; but it was a mania, like that of witchcraft, though it lasted thrice as many years as that did months. Cited from U.S. History, V1, by Julian Hawthorne
  • I have now not above six people to provide for, and about as many to do good offices to; and thrice as many that I will do nothing for; nor can I if I would. Cited from The Journal to Stella, Jonathan Swift
  • The same lot of seed will be seen to yield twice or thrice as many seedlings if thus protected, compared with what it would have produced when sown in the field or in the garden. Cited from Species and Varieties, by Hugo DeVries
  • But if they had been thrice as many -- oh, four times as many -- old Fezziwig would have been a match for them, and so would Mrs. Fezziwig. Cited from The Children's Book of Christmas Stories
  • Cultivated cabbages yielded thrice as many pods by measure as wild cabbages from the rocks of South Wales. Cited from Animals and Plants under Domestication V 2, Darwin
  • When told how wicked it was to have more than one wife, they defended themselves by declaring that the Winnebagoes had twice or thrice as many as the Sioux. Cited from Dahcotah, by Mary Eastman
  • In the courtyard, where, some mornings, when the Court was in Paris, I had seen a score of coaches waiting and thrice as many servants, were now emptiness and sunshine and stillness. Cited from Under the Red Robe, by Stanley Weyman
  • We thus see that about thrice as many flowers, when fertilised with pollen from the mid-length stamens, produced capsules, and these contained twice as many seeds, as did the flowers fertilised with pollen from the shortest stamens. Cited from Different Forms of Flowers, by Charles Darwin #19]
  • I might here insert, that although the births in this last computation be 25 of 600, or a twenty-fourth part of the people, yet that in natural possibility they may be near thrice as many, and near 75. Cited from Mankind and Political Arithmetic, Sir Wm Petty
  • I find the yellow and crimson anthers of the same flower in the Melastomatous Heterocentron roseum have different powers; the yellow producing on the same plant thrice as many seeds as the crimson anthers. Cited from More Letters of Charles Darwin Volume II
  • A quantity of broken chalk was spread, on December 20, 1842, over a part of a field near my house, which had existed as pasture certainly for 30, probably for twice or thrice as many years. Cited from The Formation of Vegetable Mould, by Darwin
  • Therefore this illegitimately fertilised plant must have produced about 100 seeds; that is, thrice as many as one of the wild long-styled plants collected on the Siebengebirge by Hildebrand, and which, no doubt, had been legitimately fertilised. Cited from Different Forms of Flowers, by Charles Darwin #19]