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  • He and his wife lived in the three bedroom house with their eight children.
  • The play takes place in three bedrooms during one night and the following morning.
  • Now only the abandoned land office building and one three-bedroom cottage remain.
  • Three-bedroom houses are the most frequent type of property in the area.
  • A children's wing of sitting room and three bedrooms were added later.
  • Two and three bedroom apartments are available for students who each have more than one child.
  • He lived in a three bedroom house that at one point housed nearly a hundred people.
  • On the east wing are three bedrooms for the general's three daughter's.
  • One, two and three bedroom apartments a found from floor five above.
  • The school was located in a town house with three bedrooms.
  • The second floor has three bedrooms and a main hall.
  • Originally the house had three bedrooms but a fourth was added.
  • The area is mainly ex-council houses of two and three bedrooms.
  • The second floor contains three bedrooms and a living room.
  • In the late 1970s the Hall became a hotel, initially with just three bedrooms.
  • A three-bedroom house can fetch several thousand dollars for three days.
  • The student family housing consists of contemporary two and three bedroom units located on the east end of the campus.
  • The second floor contains three bedrooms and a small library.
  • A separate three bedroom open plan overseers home is located close by.
  • It initially consisted entirely of four-story apartment houses of two to three bedrooms per apartment.
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