threateningly from

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  • Bulan looked in wonderment upon the strange, man-like creatures who eyed him threateningly from every hand. Cited from The Monster Men, by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • The burgomaster rose up proud and threateningly from his seat. Cited from The Merchant of Berlin, by L Muhlbach
  • Three great batteries looked threateningly from the upper rock of Quebec, while three others were placed, near the edge of the water, in the lower town. Cited from With Wolfe in Canada, by G. A. Henty
  • The editor's forehead was a mass of wrinkles and his eyes glared threateningly from behind his glasses. Cited from The New Boy at Hilltop, by Ralph Henry Barbour
  • A black finger is pointing threateningly from the sky. Cited from Europe--Whither Bound?, by Stephen Graham
  • There was the glow of a distant fire upon their left, which reddened the sky, and reflected oddly on the edges of a vast cloud-mass rolling up threateningly from the west. Cited from Bob Hampton of Placer, by Randall Parrish
  • "Mazurka!" bellowed Cerberus, going threateningly from table to table. Cited from Pelle the Conqueror, by Martin Anderson Nexo
  • His lower lip protruded threateningly from his toothless gums, while two tears of anger rolled slowly out of his eyes and over his veined and roughened cheeks to the crescent shaped hollow of his chin. Cited from The Miller Of Old Church, by Ellen Glasgow
  • And this impression was more marked at table; he ate exactly as if throwing food to a wild animal concealed somewhere within the hemisphere, an animal which was never seen, but which rumbled threateningly from time to time in its dark dungeon. Cited from Clayhanger, by Arnold Bennett
  • Lightning continued its electrical vividity of fork-like greenish white among the heavy clouds, drooping threateningly from the hill-tops to the darkened valleys below, laden still with their waiting, unshed deluge. Cited from Across China on Foot, by Edwin Dingle
  • Thus, I slipped past cannon, pointing threateningly from the Hudson's Bay post, recrossed to the wooded west bank again, and paddled on till I caught a glimpse of a little, square, whitewashed house in a grove of fine old trees. Cited from Lords of the North, by A. C. Laut