threatened to resign

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  • Chan threatened to resign from his post to protest the government's decision.
  • Other prominent black joined in threatening to resign from public boards.
  • A press release was already prepared, but Shea refused, threatening to resign rather than take leave.
  • Both threatened to resign to get their way, raising the possibility of a government crisis in the middle of the war.
  • King Charles was forced to retreat when the Swedish cabinet threatened to resign.
  • In a previous episode, when she was brought up on a charge of dereliction of duty, she threatened to resign her commission.
  • He continually threatened to resign unless he and Robelo were given real power.
  • Peale subsequently went into hiding and threatened to resign from his church.
  • Turner, who found about this arrangement not from the club but from the press, threatened to resign.
  • Nicolas had threatened to resign if he would not be allowed to direct it, and was eventually granted permission.
  • He had threatened to resign if that happened.
  • At home, Burghley himself threatened to resign if she would not take a straightforward course. Cited from England Under the Tudors, by Arthur D. Innes
  • Joseph himself often threatened to resign as co-regent and emperor, but he, too, was induced not to do so.
  • He seriously split with the Bangladesh Government over this issue and threatened to resign.
  • Frustrated of lack of work he threatened to resign from service as he felt that it was a death blow to his pursuit.
  • Haitink threatened to resign in protest, and the financial situation was eventually settled.
  • Abraham threatened to resign after the rebuff but quickly changed his mind when prompted to do so by key supporters.
  • He finally won assent from the Naval High Command by, among other things, threatening to resign.
  • The land deal does not go ahead and Rabbi Small, who had threatened to resign, remains with the Temple.
  • During the national convention, Halvorsen threatened to resign as party leader unless the factional fighting within the party stopped.
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