threatened to resign

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  • For good measure he threatened to resign if something along these lines was not done.
  • Many of them threatened to resign if such a station was to be opened.
  • Soon there after she threatened to resign if she did not get a "real job".
  • Some members of King's cabinet threatened to resign and bring down the government.
  • He had threatened to resign if his advice were not taken. Cited from Bismarck and the Foundation of the German Empire, James Wycliffe Headlam
  • This position did not, however, have any legal authority until the following year, when Lee threatened to resign.
  • Sigel felt he had been passed over for command of the army and threatened to resign.
  • Tsolakoglou demanded greater political rights for his government, and soon threatened to resign.
  • He threatened to resign from command and take off his uniform if a single soldier volunteered.
  • The government threatened to resign if the king opposed the bill; he finally relented.
  • He even threatened to resign in case the riots should continue.
  • The board refused, with several members themselves threatening to resign.
  • He displayed a violent temper and kept his power by threatening to resign time and again.
  • Skase then demanded the board give him a pay rise, and threatened to resign if he did not receive it.
  • Ismail threatened to resign, and apparently attempted to do so on four separate occasions.
  • He wanted the members to re-interview some of the witnesses, and threatened to resign if his request was not met.
  • Arnold, who had distinguished himself in the Canadian campaign, had also threatened to resign.
  • Almost the entire editorial staff of the magazine threatened to resign if material that they considered racist was published.
  • This was the third time he threatened to resign.
  • Both the trainer and the coach, who had brought such glory to the university, threatened to resign their places. Cited from The Young Pitcher, by Zane Grey
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