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  • There are many different ways the information and information systems can be threatened.
  • Most commonly two pieces are threatened, which is also sometimes called a double attack.
  • The person being threatened does not need to be the owner of the property.
  • In many areas of the country, the natural environment is threatened by development.
  • During this period his life was threatened and a reward placed on his head.
  • He is finally released when he threatens to tell the press he is being held without cause.
  • He later threatens his life at the door of his hotel room.
  • Within a year, most of the country's production was threatened.
  • He also threatened to kill any British prisoner caught fighting alongside a native.
  • At least one person had a serious but non-life-threatening injury.
  • When Louis threatened invasion, the third great civil war of his reign broke out.
  • It is important to defend one's pieces even if they are not directly threatened.
  • The police threaten her to make her leave the matter alone.
  • But the government threatened to fall over the issue.
  • A threatened species is one which may soon become an endangered species.
  • Neither side sought nuclear conflict, even though it threatened to break out on multiple occasions.
  • He stated the government should not force citizens to vote or threaten them with a fine.
  • However, follow-up analysis has indicated that the injury could be career threatening.
  • The young couple in the new car did not have life-threatening injuries.
  • Egypt's action, however, threatened British economic and military interests in the region.
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Meaning of threaten

  • verb To utter intentions of injury or punishment against:"he threatened me when i tried to call the police"
  • verb To be a menacing indication of something:"the clouds threaten rain"
    Danger threatens