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  • His usual method was to learn a subject thoroughly, then move on to another.
  • He did not have time to check thoroughly, so he did not know how they died.
  • He was one of the first engineers to test his materials thoroughly before construction.
  • As his letters show, he became a thoroughly well-informed man. Cited from Beacon Lights of History, Volume XI, by John Lord
  • His aim was to provide essential information thoroughly and simply at the same time.
  • She was thoroughly involved in his affairs for most of his life, and at times they had a difficult relationship.
  • Some see it as proof that a thoroughly modern way of life can exist in a non-western society.
  • Thus lift can be considered to be thoroughly understood in a scientific sense.
  • But we are thoroughly well informed, and have provided for all this. Cited from Lothair, by Benjamin Disraeli
  • I wonder whether my aunt knew what a thoroughly good-natured thing I did. Cited from Mr. Scarborough's Family, by Anthony Trollope
  • In style and manner of expression he is thoroughly French.
  • The practice has been documented most thoroughly to date in the United States.
  • Although the lake appears rich in phytoplankton, it has not been thoroughly studied.
  • Before introducing a dog park to the community, it is best to plan thoroughly.
  • He said that the matter was being taken very seriously and was being thoroughly investigated.
  • The programs have been thoroughly reviewed and found to be of the highest quality.
  • In the middle part of the year he worked to read the Church Fathers thoroughly.
  • After you thoroughly conduct the analysis -- you can then choose a model based on your findings.
  • This activity has not been thoroughly investigated, so there is a need for more research in this area.
  • And the mind of the thoroughly well informed man is a dreadful thing. Cited from The Picture of Dorian Gray, by Oscar Wilde
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Meaning of thoroughly

  • adverb In an exhaustive manner
    we searched the files thoroughly
  • adverb Completely and absolutely (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly')
    he was soundly defeated, we beat him good