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  • They are brown, although the second and third thoracic segments are bright green.
  • After the war, he specialised in thoracic surgery and had his own medical practice.
  • The first thoracic somite is too short to be seen from above, the second is longer.
  • Their carapace is characterized by the head region not being higher than the thoracic region.
  • This is probably caused by the flight muscles working at higher levels and consequently, increasing thoracic heat generation.
  • The orange fold of skin over the third thoracic segment is also more prominent.
  • The thoracic limbs are held wide open, ready to close on any prey which enters.
  • Below the thoracic region, two yellow spots are seen.
  • It has been hypothesized that both reach the brain from the thoracic cavity via major blood vessels.
  • However, the main functions of the thoracic legs are respiration and carrying food forward to the mouth.
  • This may be due to the fact that these areas are in direct sunlight, which allows for higher thoracic temperatures.
  • In general, however, they have three pairs of thoracic legs, each ending in two claws.
  • The thoracic aorta is part of the aorta, which has different parts named according to their structure or location.
  • In the side pole test it was given a single star rating, because of excessive forces to the thoracic region.
  • Some children do experience problems following TEF surgery; they can develop dysphagia and thoracic problems.
  • It has hair pencils directed forward from the thoracic area.
  • Only the left common carotid artery has a substantial presence in the thoracic region.
  • They have a large head, the hind edge of which covers the first thoracic segment.
  • In the thoracic muscles, the microfiliariae develop into first-stage larvae, followed up by third-stage development.
  • The right common carotid originates in or close to the neck, so contains a small thoracic portion.
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