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  • His daughter repeated that her father thoght that all people should have any religion because the spirit of human being need religion no matter which but spiritual life should have to be attended.
  • His wife died in the first year of her marriage, whereon 'he toke much thoght and passed into France' about the year 1415.
  • Fatjon also got in a lot of fights because the housemates thoght that he was protecting Matilda and the other way around.
  • The dinomyids are thoght to have occupied ecological niches associated with large grazing mammals due to the lack of true ungulates in South America until its later connection to North America.
  • And euen now To Crown my thoughts with Acts: be it thoght & done: The Castle of Macduff, I will surprize. Cited from Macbeth, by William Shakespeare
  • Ande soe if thys thyng do continue longer I shall ripp uppe and leave, for I thoght to wed a man and not a paddler of dytches. Cited from Mince Pie, by Christopher Darlington Morley
  • No, it was so grene, so secret I meane, so couered, and so hid with hypocrisie, that some men (euen the seruantes of God) thoght it not impossible, but that wolues might be changed in to lambes, and also that the vipere might remoue her natural venom. Cited from First Blast of the Trumpet, by John Knox
  • And these notable faultes haue men in all ages espied in that kinde, for the whiche not onlie they haue remoued women from rule and authoritie, but also some haue thoght that men subiect to the counsel or empire of their wyues were vn worthie of all publike office. Cited from First Blast of the Trumpet, by John Knox
  • Robert and Alan Dunstanville were brothers, thoght by Eyton to be sons of Reginald de Dunstanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall, an illegitimate son of Henry I. who, like William FitzAlan, were close supporters of Empress Matilda during the Anarchy, in her struggle against Stephen of Blois.
  • The brigge was as heigh as a tour, And as scharpe as a rasour, And naru it was also; And the water that ther ran under, Brend o' lighting and of thonder, That thoght him michel wo. Cited from Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, Vol. II (of 3), by Walter Scott
  • The tongues of mocking wenches are as keen As is the Razors edge, inuisible: Cutting a smaller haire then may be seene, Aboue the sense of sence so sensible: Seemeth their conference, their conceits haue wings, Fleeter then arrows, bullets wind, thoght, swifter things Rosa. Cited from The Complete Shakespeare's First Folio

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