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  • They were then given a rule, and instructed to choose which of the cards would be a THOG, which weren't, and which could not be classified.
  • Also, while Roy is clearly attracted to beautiful girls to the point of clouding his judgement, Thog is afraid of them, because he fears cooties.
  • Thog resurfaced as a prisoner and gladiatorial champion in the Empire of Blood, where he was defeated by Roy in one-on-one combat inside the arena.
  • Thog's stupidity and follower mentality makes him the opposite of Roy Greenhilt, the competent leader.
  • Thog is a monstrous demon from the city-states of ancient Valusia, his present form spun by the ancient sorcerers of Xuthal from the darkness between the stars.
  • Thog was arrested by the Cliffport Police Department and charged with multiple crimes, but escaped after Elan cleverly persuaded him into destroying their prison bars.
  • Gray Matter reformed in the spring of 1990 and released a double seven inch in 1991 and the full-length, Thog, in 1992.
  • Lucifer possesses a vast array of powers, on a par with Mephisto or Thog.
  • For an ageless time Thog has haunted the halls of Xuthal in search of living flesh to assuage the continuing manifestation of his body on the physical plane.
  • Arathognan (or Thog the barbarian) was one of these.
  • Also known as Thog the barbarian, he is a member of a hero guild formed in Kol in the wake of Kirin's ascension as dark lord.
  • In the middle of this whipping, Thog clandestinely appears, snatches Thalis, and devours her.
  • He designed problems and tests to demonstrate these processes, for example the Wason selection task, the THOG problem and the 2-4-6 problem.
  • Thog the Nether-Spawn is a demon from the extra-dimensional world of Sominus who has clashed with the Man-Thing.
  • It has numerous moons, including Nithon and Zaman, and the twin-moons Thog and Thok.
  • Thalis falls in love with Conan and, to eliminate her rival, kidnaps Natala in the hopes of sacrificing her to Thog.
  • A large temple or Assembly hall ('du khang), immediately below the yellow retreat hut to its east, is the Lower Tantric College where the annual ritual cycles or chos thog is observed.
  • The group traveled to Therea to prevent Thog and the Congress from overtaking that realm, and the Man-Thing was able to temporarily destroy Thog.
  • Following battle damages to the cell, Sabine escaped with Nale and Thog, flying away from Azure City in search of another of the Snarl's gates.
  • Defeated by Haley and Durkon, Sabine recently spent time in the cells of the Sapphire Guard, along with Nale and Thog.
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