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  • Info Thog the Nether-Spawn, Overmaster of Sominus is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe. もっと...
  • Very little is known about these moons, though Thog is said to be a pitch-black world.
  • Thog's and Nale's imprisonment lasted only forty minutes before they broke out.
  • It cannot be the black circle, which, being a THOG, possesses only one of the required properties.
  • Thog's speech is always depicted in lower-case bold letters in the comic, a convention also used for other low-intelligence characters.
  • In one of these encounters, Thog kills four jaykinis who were trying to eat children.
  • The white square, being the "opposite" of the black circle, also has exactly one of the required properties, making it a THOG.
  • The word thokcha is composed of two words, thog meaning above, first or thunderbolt and lcags meaning iron or metal.
  • Wason devised yet another task, called the THOG task, to further his studies in psychology of reasoning.
  • A symbol that possesses exactly one of these properties, is a THOG.
  • Elan appealed to their newly discovered friendship and persuaded Thog that he would rather go and eat ice cream with his friends than have them fight.
  • Some commentators have noted that Thog is modest enough to wear shorts.
  • Thog agreed and promptly bludgeoned Haley several times with the door.
  • The THOG task required subjects to carry out a combinational analysis, a feat an adult should be able to accomplish, using reason and logic.
  • Thog is a half-orc barbarian with two levels in fighter.
  • They soon encounter Thalis, a beautiful Stygian, who reveals the history of the peculiar city and the existence of Thog.
  • Thog did not really participate in the subsequent battle between the Guild and the Order, as Elan subdued him using an illusion.
  • The THOG problem is one of Peter Wason's logic puzzles, constructed to show some of the weaknesses in human thinking.
  • Gerber himself, along with Man-Thing, were integral in defeating Thog on Therea in his first attempt to take over the universe.
  • Thog tries to infiltrate the labyrinth but is easily caught.
  • Now that Elan, Thog, and Leeky have all escaped, it remains to be seen whether the CPPD will attempt to track them down.
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