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  • Should chance bring you thither, she will be your friend for my sake. Cited from Sir Ludar, by Talbot Baines Reed
  • The time came for mass, and they rose from table to go thither in company. Cited from The Devil's Pool, by George Sand
  • I went thither, and not long after came my future master. Cited from Life And Adventures Of Peter Wilkins, Vol. I. (of II.), Robert Paltock
  • He could answer for it that one member had not gone thither. Cited from Ray's Daughter, by Charles King
  • We can rise up, we can turn thither, we can enter if we will and when we will. Cited from Joyous Gard, by Arthur Christopher Benson
  • As her home duties called her at that time, she returned thither, briefly. Cited from Woman's Work in the Civil War, by Brockett and Vaughan
  • If there be no natural soil, they will carry some thither. Cited from Travels through the South of France in 1807 & 1808, by Lt-Col. Pinkney
  • It almost seemed as though she were drawn thither by some magnetic influence. Cited from The Forfeit, by Ridgwell Cullum
  • And yet he could not bring himself to go thither. Cited from Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories, by Arthur Christopher Benson
  • Thither the colonel went on the day of the opening of court. Cited from The Colonel's Dream, by Charles W. Chesnutt
  • I asked them what they brought me thither for. Cited from Best of the World's Classics...Prose, Vol. III, Great Britain & Ireland
  • It brought your daughter there, and I hope it will bring you thither likewise. Cited from The Annals of the Poor, by Legh Richmond
  • Presently he found the cave-mouth, and noted in his mind the best way thither. Cited from Paul the Minstrel and Other Stories, by Arthur Christopher Benson
  • And the King sent three knights thither to bring him ready word what was there. Cited from Stories of King Arthur and His Knights, by U. Waldo Cutler
  • Comes not death as a means to bear him thither? Cited from The Destiny of the Soul, by William Rounseville Alger
  • And on his way thither he fell in with a priest who was coming from Rome. Cited from Procopius, History of the Wars, Books V and VI, by Procopius
  • The former has the best look-out, and thither we proceeded. Cited from Recollections of Europe, by J. Fenimore Cooper
  • It was important business that called him thither, but he gave no hint of its nature. Cited from Klondike Nuggets, by E. S. Ellis
  • It did not appear to possess life, yet how came it thither. Cited from Traditions of the North American Indians, Vol. 1 (of 3), by J. A. Jones
  • He escaped -- he found his way thither through many dangers -- he told his story. Cited from Evenings at Donaldson Manor, by Maria J. McIntosh
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