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  • This supports the numerous ancient authors that tell us the forum was used as a court of law.
  • This supports the small school atmosphere while providing various course options.
  • This supports the theory that a bear is left-handed. Cited from American Big Game in Its Haunts, by Various
  • This supports the claim that the place was his father's hometown.
  • This supports large population of cattle and other herbivorous animals during the wet season.
  • This supports the dream of keeping families together during cancer treatment, and also to any future patients that may need this support.
  • This supports Ghiselin's size-advantage model, which is still widely accepted today.
  • This supports performance flexibility and a more natural playing feel.
  • In addition this supports members to improve their relationships with their boards.
  • This supports the idea that scientists are using particular abilities that exist to some extent in all humans.
  • This supports the view that groups with greater financial resources at their disposal will generally be better able to influence the decision-making process of government.
  • This supports ancient authors' claims that both ethnic groups lived "under a democracy".
  • This supports at least two rice crops per year.
  • This supports the idea that cows are social animals, capable of forming close bonds with each other.
  • This supports most of the deep foundations and tunnels that exist under London.
  • This supports the idea that beauty is intuitively seen as truth.
  • This supports Hung's findings that people learn by simply being in certain situations with others.
  • This supports the stereotype that women express more emotion than men both in general and in relationships.
  • This supports the proposition of ground ice in the near surface of Mars in this area.
  • This supports the official estimate for time of death as 11 p.m. the previous evening.
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