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  • Info In music or music theory, a thirteenth is the interval between the sixth and first scale degrees when the sixth is transposed up an octave, creating a compound sixth, or thirteenth.
  • He finished in the top-ten six times and had a thirteenth-place points finish.
  • He established a total of thirteenth mixed houses by the end of that century.
  • There is not much evidence of their use until the second quarter of the thirteenth century.
  • There were several works of that kind current in the early part of the thirteenth century.
  • This is the chief source of knowledge of the North until the thirteenth century.
  • She also asked them to return to that spot on the thirteenth of each month for the next six months.
  • Notable buildings in the town include the thirteenth century parish church.
  • By the early thirteenth century the church had largely won its argument for independence.
  • During the thirteenth century a university was founded in the province.
  • Until the thirteenth century, it was a town on its own.
  • By the end of the thirteenth century the abbey was becoming less important.
  • Williams is the fourth active coach, and thirteenth overall, to win multiple national championships.
  • It continues to appear by this name into the thirteenth century.
  • The online version of the paper was the thirteenth most visited website in the country.
  • The city proper is home to less than one-thirteenth of the population of South Florida.
  • He also finished thirteenth and claimed his second successive best young rider prize.
  • However, much of the present building dates from the thirteenth century.
  • The work gave him sufficient capital to build and establish a small studio on Thirteenth Street.
  • During the thirteenth century the two forms of the curia themselves began to separate.
  • He was succeeded in the other titles by his younger brother, the thirteenth Earl.
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  • noun Position 13 in a countable series of things