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  • In that one terrible moment he knew that his thievery had been found out. Cited from Fred Fenton on the Crew, by Allen Chapman
  • He needs to find her first address four cases of thievery in the city of Rome.
  • While horse thievery is no longer a problem, the society still operates.
  • We saw no disposition to thievery among them, nor did we miss a single article after their departure. Cited from The Works of Edgar Allan Poe V3[Raven Edition]
  • After being arrested for thievery, he was assigned to a reform school.
  • London saw a rise not only in thievery, but in organised crime during the period.
  • But it's d -- d thievery when engaged in by any one connected with putting a bill through. Cited from A Gentleman from Mississippi, by Thomas A. Wise
  • They both decide to give thievery up and return everything they stole to live happily together as a family.
  • In the end of every quest, however, he returns to the life of thievery.
  • Thievery may well involve many items of personal property stolen from multiple victims.
  • He also points out that Cassim's sense of thievery is more in line with his as well.
  • The military police investigation reported no kind of serious conflict with other soldiers, however he was posthumously accused of thievery.
  • I don't think anything ever inspired more contempt in me as a boy than that piece of petty thievery. Cited from "Say Fellows--", by Wade C. Smith
  • She introduced a law against thievery to encourage her people to be honest and uphold truth.
  • Because of this, Skif turns to thievery so that he can obtain food.
  • Most biographical information about him derives from his regular appearance in criminal court records for thievery and acts of violence.
  • Nor can we at this distant day blame them very much or wax so indignant as did their master over their thieveries. Cited from George Washington: Farmer, by Paul Leland Haworth
  • She cannot abide thievery unless such an act is done in the name of building one's hoard.
  • She left home to seek work in Plymouth, England, where she became involved in petty thievery.
  • Parkman, having seen this future, tries to convince her to quit instead because her thievery will eventually get her killed.
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