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  • Info A thicket is a very dense stand of trees or tall shrubs, often dominated by only one or a few species, to the exclusion of all others. more...
  • When he was near his village, he left her in a thicket and advanced alone. Cited from Folk-Lore and Legends: North American Indian, by Anonymous
  • Then he picked up the line and took it some distance away to a big thicket. Cited from Doctor Rabbit and Brushtail the Fox, by Thomas Clark Hinkle
  • When he moved there, it was only a thicket and he built the first house there.
  • But in a few minutes he found himself in a thicket he was sure he had never seen before. Cited from Dave Porter at Star Ranch, by Edward Stratemeyer
  • Besides, in the thicket he must of course leave a trail easily followed. Cited from The Big Brother, by George Cary Eggleston
  • After three minutes or so had passed, Jack rose and ran straight for the thicket. Cited from The Submarine Boys for the Flag, by Victor G. Durham
  • But he did not leave the cover of the edge of the thicket. Cited from Jack Haydon's Quest, by John Finnemore
  • They heard a cat-bird singing in a near thicket as they left their camp. Cited from A Man for the Ages, by Irving Bacheller
  • Right near the thicket he placed some more cheese, partly under some dead leaves. Cited from Doctor Rabbit and Brushtail the Fox, by Thomas Clark Hinkle
  • There is a large thicket located on the opposite side of the river from the city.
  • As they spoke, firing began in the thicket in front of their position.
  • The boys reached the first thicket and quickly disappeared from the sight of those in the camp. Cited from Boy Scouts in the Philippines, by G. Harvey Ralphson
  • She asked how he had ever found her home, and how he had come through the thicket which surrounded her palace. Cited from Tales of Giants from Brazil, by Elsie Spicer Eells
  • He ran after her, dashed into the thicket, and brought forth the horse. Cited from Alroy, by Benjamin Disraeli
  • The Big Thicket forest region once covered more than in east Texas.
  • Once, from the edge of a thicket of trees, they saw the highway below them and to their left. Cited from Operation Terror, by William Fitzgerald Jenkins
  • He has blazed a way through the thicket where there was no path before. Cited from Quiet Talks on Following the Christ, by S. D. Gordon
  • As it stood in the thicket, it was no more like paper than any of the trees that grew around it. Cited from The Cliff Climbers, by Captain Mayne Reid
  • With many misgivings I saw him make his way out from the thicket. Cited from Dick Onslow, by W.H.G. Kingston
  • They found dry wood in the heart of the thicket and soon had a fire burning strongly. Cited from The Harbor Master, by Theodore Goodridge Roberts
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