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  • The spotted thick-knee has a very extensive range and its population is believed to be stable.
  • Senegal thick-knee is striking in flight, with a broad white wing bar.
  • Its legs are long and yellow and the tibiotarsal joint is expanded giving it the name "thick-knee".
  • The Peruvian thick-knee is most active at night.
  • In flight, the great thick-knee shows black and white flight feathers on the upperwing, and a mainly white underwing.
  • The names thick-knee and stone-curlew are both in common use, the preference among authorities for one term or the other varying from year to year.
  • A thick knee was planted between her shoulder-blades. Cited from Alias The Lone Wolf, by Louis Joseph Vance
  • The great thick-knee eats crabs, large insects, and other animal prey.
  • A recent trend in field manuals and bird lists is to use the name "thick-knee" for members of the genus.
  • The IUCN has listed the Peruvian thick-knee as being of "least concern".
  • The spotted thick-knee is nocturnal and squats on the ground during the daytime making it difficult to spot.
  • The double-striped thick-knee eats large insects and other small vertebrate and invertebrate prey.
  • The double-striped thick-knee is striking in flight, with a white patch on the dark upperwing, and a white underwing with a black rear edge.
  • It is worth to note here that the name "thick knee" of the birds in the family Burhinidae is incorrect, because the heel of these birds is large.
  • The Peruvian thick-knee is found in South America in the coastal strip between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes.
  • The double-striped thick-knee is a medium-large wader with a strong black and yellow bill, large yellow eyes, which give it a reptilian appearance, and cryptic plumage.
  • The spotted thick-knee is native to the grasslands and savannas of sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The water thick-knee (Burhinus vermiculatus), or water dikkop is a species of bird in the family Burhinidae.
  • The Indian stone-curlew or Indian thick-knee (Burhinus indicus) is a species of bird in the family Burhinidae.
  • The Peruvian thick-knee (Burhinus superciliaris) is a species of bird in the family Burhinidae.
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