they express

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  • They expressed the hope that they should live with him all their lives. Cited from The Pedler of Dust Sticks, by Eliza Lee Follen
  • Could they express themselves more clearly than through this face and form? Cited from Lady Merton, Colonist, by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  • They expressed interest in the technology and considered themselves putting it into production.
  • I have read many letters from boys now dead in which they express that faith. Cited from Now It Can Be Told, by Philip Gibbs
  • What all men feel strongly, they express by meeting together for the purpose. Cited from Moral Philosophy, by Joseph Rickaby, S. J
  • At the end of a year, they expressed a strong desire to visit their father. Cited from Isaac T. Hopper, by L. Maria Child
  • They interested me much because in some measure they express my own feelings. Cited from The Life and Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss, by George L. Prentiss
  • They express the hope that the war will not last long, and they soon return home.
  • I have often thought of those words; and they express much I think. Cited from Mohun, or, The Last Days of Lee, John Esten Cooke
  • They expressed some surprise, and asked her where she obtained her information. Cited from The Narrative of Sojourner Truth
  • Each one, as they expressed it, had her heart in her mouth. Cited from The Rebel of the School, by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  • They express their love for each other and say that they now belong together.
  • Do these two words express two ideas merely associated, or do they express a thought? Cited from Graded Lessons in English, by Reed and Kellog
  • They expressed a wish to build a town and live together. Cited from Grandfather's Chair, by Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • They expressed that their points of view were impossible to place on a political right-left scale.
  • Together they express their joy at being united in their faith.
  • They are both notable on account of the strong feeling for England which they express. Cited from Robert Browning: How To Know Him, W. L. Phelps
  • They express a shade of the art which would be lost without them. Cited from Notre-Dame de Paris, by Victor Hugo
  • I knew them well, and they expressed their delight that we were going the same way. Cited from The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. 7, No. 44, June, 1861, by Various
  • In warm terms they expressed the pleasure which the re-election of Washington gave them. Cited from Life And Times Of Washington, V2, by Schroeder, &c
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