these remakes

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  • These remakes improved on the original versions with re-written game code and all-new graphics.
  • These remakes added power-ups and online play to the game.
  • These remakes are unedited with only a single take per scene.
  • While Tales titles are often ported to new consoles after their original release, these remakes are rarely localized.
  • These remakes were later ported to the PlayStation in Japan and North America.
  • While all of these remakes retain the same basic story and battle mechanics, various tweaks have been made in different areas, including graphics, sound, and specific game elements.
  • The craze for these remakes increased so much over time that the cable operators played them on public demand, and later on, a number of mainstream entertainment channels also aired them.
  • Both games have been greeted by Sierra fans with enthusiasm, and consider these remakes almost equal to Sierra's later King's Quest VI.
  • These remakes are currently cancelled for Xbox 360.
  • Another reviewer noted the similarity to Baashha (1995) adding "the quality of these remakes has ranged from entertaining to outright bad and Prashanth's Jaambavan unfortunately comes in at the lower end of that scale."