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  • The fact that a reaction is thermodynamically possible does not mean that it will actually occur.
  • This means that given time the more thermodynamically stable product will be favored.
  • While thermodynamically very sound, the real engine is too large and consumes too much power to ever fly on an aircraft.
  • The model is however not fully thermodynamically consistent due to its two liquid mixture approach.
  • Thermodynamically, the higher the operation temperature of an engine, the greater the possible efficiency.
  • The most common physical standard state is one that is stable thermodynamically (i.e., the normal one).
  • It appears to be relatively thermodynamically more stable than the E domain.
  • Since the reaction is thermodynamically favorable, the change in free energy for the step will be negative.
  • In other words, there is only one thermodynamically stable contact angle.
  • The intention was to save fuel by using high-pressure steam, which is thermodynamically more efficient than low-pressure steam.
  • In this approach, all three species taking part in the reaction, including the electron, must be placed in thermodynamically well-defined states.
  • Whether a reaction is thermodynamically favorable does not determine its rate.
  • As shown below, ionized states may be thermodynamically preferred depending on the environment.
  • If the nuclei were larger than some critical radius then it would be thermodynamically stable and could start to grow.
  • The protein molecules want to reform those interactions to return to their most thermodynamically stable state.
  • Nevertheless, under given conditions, most likely only one phase is thermodynamically stable and therefore this phase enters a true equilibrium.
  • Others are not thermodynamically stable and will dimerise slowly over days.
  • Under these conditions, the enzyme will, in fact, catalyze the reaction only in the thermodynamically allowed direction.
  • As systems look to minimize their free energy, self-assembly is one option for the system to achieve its lowest free energy thermodynamically.
  • Thermodynamically, each additional step in the conversion process decreases the overall efficiency of the process.
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Meaning of thermodynamically

  • adverb With respect to thermodynamics
    this phenomenon is thermodynamically impossible