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  • Little is known about the details of his reign as most of records thereof were destroyed.
  • This was a game, which was played by two or four girls and multiple of two thereof.
  • That subject is usually called nature or the mind thereof.
  • This question (or various forms thereof) is common among parents who find out their children are gay.
  • I can but mourn under a sense thereof, though not as one without hope.
  • Charles's fight for power and kingship was more successful than his experience thereof.
  • The intended audience of a collection may include or a combination thereof.
  • No clear evidence of other adverse effects exists, though almost all research thereof has been of poor quality.
  • In every new emergency, no one knows for sure which agency or combination thereof will become involved.
  • He wrote and spoke about every type of librarianship from public to special and the history thereof.
  • The city did not have a clear foundation date or any official acknowledgement thereof.
  • Typically, any line or part thereof which is outside of the viewing area is removed.
  • The bank would then pay the dealer the difference or a portion thereof.
  • He therefore felt a deep and abiding interest in the success thereof.
  • The process also involved an intricate study of the source material and all available arrangements thereof.
  • Additional arguments for his departure can be found in his over excessive black image or lack thereof.
  • Ryan is immediately caught in the middle of the war, the peace, and the effects thereof.
  • The main concern for a prince should be war, or the preparation thereof, not books.
  • This election was also the only time that an election or any part thereof was held on a day other than a Saturday.
  • Nearly every action (or lack thereof) will count towards the player's image in the people's eyes.
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Synonyms of thereof

Meaning of thereof

  • adverb Of or concerning this or that
    a problem and the solution thereof