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  • He used to take us to his home and offer us what was available therein.
  • The reasons why the award is granted in each case are described therein.
  • Some authorities believe that the stone structures are younger than the remains found therein.
  • Over the decades, the social science's played a significant role therein.
  • She was the first female Liberal, and second female of any party, to serve therein.
  • All data therein were published as open data, which makes it Italy's largest open data project.
  • While this was his first academic article, he has produced several other publications therein and also has three books as well.
  • The employer must then post this report and the information therein where all employees can view it.
  • Because of their age, they may be presented as evidence of the truth of any statements contained therein.
  • He creates streets and buildings, and brings nearly two thousand people to live therein.
  • The notes attached to various table cells detail how the numbers therein are arrived at.
  • She has run for parliament and sometimes served as a substitute therein, but her primary focus has been regional politics.
  • A mistake at any point ended the round and lost all accumulated money therein.
  • Note that not all the pictures used therein are in the public domain.
  • However, there are several main differences between the rules found therein and the rules of the real-world card game.
  • The events here recorded were seen with my own eyes, or were received from the lips of the actors therein.
  • Much honour has been bestowed upon the architecture of the building and the high quality of work produced therein.
  • Therein lies the message: the artist's inner world and nature are one and the same.
  • The patent calls him bachelor of civil law, and notes his good knowledge therein.
  • During his studies, he began teaching and found his vocation therein.
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Meaning of therein

  • adverb (formal) in or into that thing or place
    they can read therein what our plans are