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  • The winner would thereby win six times what most workers earned in a year.
  • Because of the state of the field O'Day thereby called the game.
  • Algebraic number theory is a special case of group theory, thereby following the rules of the latter.
  • It thereby became the first location ever in Europe to lose this status, and the second ever in the world.
  • This made steel much more economical, thereby leading to wrought iron no longer being produced.
  • This changes to, but thereby also changes to - a possibly unexpected result.
  • Indeed they claimed the right to determine questions of war and peace, and thereby held an "international" status.
  • They provide Islamic education for children, thereby filling a clear religious and social role in the country.
  • The game ends when the first person to complete his mission reveals his Secret Mission card, thereby winning.
  • By being successful for several deals you can eventually get rid of all your cards, thereby winning the game.
  • Jackson failed to reach the ball which fell far in front of him, thereby allowing Rice to reach second base.
  • The larger stones allowed one to walk around them, thereby changing the viewpoint of its vision.
  • A wide range of copy-protection and similar features could thereby be implemented, limited only by the imagination.
  • Many classes have methods that call their own functions, thereby looking and feeling like most other OO languages.
  • Deepening the division of labour means under competition lower prices and thereby extended markets.
  • These enable grass-eating species to follow the rains and thereby their food supply.
  • The Council of Europe covers all but three European countries, thereby representing much of Europe.
  • This can lead to a build-up of the product in the system, thereby causing nausea.
  • All such sentences have the same truth conditions, but arguably do not thereby have the same meaning.
  • Spain had thereby tried to gain access to a source of slaves controlled by British merchants.
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Meaning of thereby

  • adverb By that means or because of that
    He knocked over the red wine, thereby ruining the table cloth