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  • Nothing thereabouts had very much changed since he lost his battle and his head. Cited from The Education of Henry Adams, by Henry Adams
  • For half an hour, or thereabouts, something like true feeling was at work within his heart. Cited from Can You Forgive Her?, by Anthony Trollope
  • But thereabouts they met with the forces of which I will shortly speak. Cited from After London, by Richard Jefferies
  • Strong grew their bands for thereabouts was found great store of men. Cited from The Lay of the Cid, Translated by Rose & Bacon
  • At three o'clock or thereabouts they were at last ready to leave. Cited from Mogens and Other Stories, by Jens Peter Jacobsen
  • Black sand was in general use until within thirty years or thereabouts. Cited from Quaint and Curious Advertisements, by Henry M. Brooks
  • However, in about a month after we start we ought to be there or thereabouts. Cited from With Buller in Natal, by G. A. Henty
  • I proposed to keep on deck myself till one o'clock or thereabouts. Cited from 'Twixt Land & Sea, by Joseph Conrad
  • At eleven o'clock or thereabouts he would return and would begin work. Cited from The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford, Rutherford
  • As far as is known, the Indians thereabouts make no such figures now. Cited from Through the Brazilian Wilderness, by Theodore Roosevelt
  • The child should be taken up regularly at ten o'clock or thereabouts. Cited from The Care and Feeding of Children, by L. Emmett Holt
  • No one -- thereabouts, at any rate --knew where she was, or would tell me anything. Cited from The Paradise Mystery, by J. S. Fletcher
  • In number they may have been four hundred or thereabouts. Cited from Micah Clarke, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Yes, I shall be able to pay him out in a year, or thereabouts. Cited from Verner's Pride, by Mrs. Henry Wood
  • She was not so old, as years go; fifty-five or thereabouts. Cited from Jean of the Lazy A, by B. M. Bower
  • During the hour or thereabouts that he had been in the garden he had already spread out a number of them. Cited from Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo
  • We listened and made out their number to be twenty or thereabouts. Cited from Corporal Sam and Other Stories, by A. T. Quiller-Couch
  • Each week, or thereabouts, she'd revealed the influences behind one of her songs.
  • She was a tall, well-developed girl of twenty or thereabouts. Cited from Viola Gwyn, by George Barr McCutcheon
  • I noted that it seemed a long way between street-lamps thereabouts. Cited from Blindfolded, by Earle Ashley Walcott
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