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  • Like many other Old Catholic churches, it is theologically liberal and gay-friendly.
  • You will never catch him with his virtuous blood up, theologically or politically. Cited from Our Churches and Chapels, by Atticus
  • Theologically, their concept means that Christ died for the church. Cited from Herein is Love, by Reuel L. Howe
  • The chief point of difference theologically between the Ramaites is the one just mentioned. Cited from The Religions of India, by Edward Washburn Hopkins
  • In the 1990s he was silent theologically, turning his attention to politics and his tropical fruit theme park.
  • He also began to prepare sermons for family prayers and write theologically about life.
  • More is known about what Ibn Dawud opposed theologically rather than what he himself believed.
  • He is self-identified as orthodox and is considered to be theologically conservative.
  • They are viewed as well-founded and in agreement with the principles of faith, but not theologically certain.
  • The problem of the second period was, partly to work up this material theologically, and partly to develop it. Cited from History of Dogma, Volume 1 (of 7), by Adolph Harnack
  • Well, stated simply I would say, let scientists become theologically founded, and let theologians become scientists. Cited from Donahoe's Magazine, Volume 15, No. 1, January 1886, by Various
  • Under subsequent administrations, the schools grew more theologically liberal and ultimately became non-denominational.
  • Maybe that was just as well because theologically he was conservative.
  • Or theologically, Why did God make the world? Cited from A Short History of Greek Philosophy, by John Marshall
  • I'm theologically in line with the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Theologically, he believed that salvation was for the living, and that one could not repent just before death.
  • Theologically, it dealt with great questions of religious principle -- What is the Church? Cited from The Oxford Movement, by R.W. Church
  • He found himself theologically uneasy about the places where he did feel less isolated - in particular, Quaker meetings.
  • It remains the most popular view of atonement among theologically liberal Christians.
  • These guidelines were developed over the course of many centuries, with both theologically symbolic and practical reasons for them.
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Meaning of theologically

  • adverb As regards theology
    the candidate was found theologically sound
  • adverb In a theological manner
    he dealt with the problem of evil theologically, not philosophically