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  • His father was a theologian and professor of religion at a nearby royal academy.
  • He is joined by a number of other theologians in this position.
  • Theologians go further, to argue that they do so because they were created to do so.
  • He was also prominent as a liberal theologian who put forward advanced ideas about evolution.
  • He was the outstanding theologian of that period and his thinking still has much influence.
  • According to him, the Pope was a better theologian than he was a leader.
  • "It would appear at times that a theologian need not actually know God."
  • He was initially held in great respect by the leading theologians of the orthodox party.
  • He was educated as a theologian, but his real interest was in literature.
  • Later he also became known as a top theologian.
  • It was the first official theologian school allowed in the Soviet Union.
  • He is considered one of the most important Roman Catholic theologians of the 20th century.
  • The work was frequently cited by Christian theologians, though it was never published.
  • With this, all higher-educated Theologians taught in the newly set-up College.
  • He was not unlike other medieval theologians who sought out reason in the effort to defend his faith.
  • However, contemporary theologians have been critical of aspects of Western views here as well.
  • Few later theologians prior to the Reformation would take up this idea.
  • This despite the fact that their style and approach are different from those of the Muslim theologians.
  • Its purpose has been described as training leaders and theologians within the Unification Church.
  • Behind them were former priests who served as theologians and explained their messages.
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  • noun Someone who is learned in theology or who speculates about theology