then tearfully

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  • Joseph then tearfully reveals his true identity to all of them.
  • Ellie watches from space, and then tearfully turns her ship back towards Earth.
  • She initially sits down, but then tearfully takes the soup and runs out of the restaurant.
  • Kay then tearfully admits that she still loves him and always will.
  • He snaps out of his brainwashing and was then tearfully regretful for what he has done.
  • Caridee then tearfully gave an apology letter to Nigel after her offensive conversation with him.
  • He tells an interested Vorenus how he was defeated at Pharsalus, then tearfully pleads that his family be allowed to make their way to freedom.
  • He then tearfully begs Baxter to help him.
  • Marrable goes ballistic, smashing the butterfly collection to smithereens and then tearfully frets about what lies in her future.
  • Susan then tearfully insists that Meg should have just gone without her and saved herself while she could, but David tells Susan everything was going to be all right.
  • At first Sadao complains that he feels tricked, but then tearfully apologizes to his mother.
  • They then confront Abigail, who then tearfully admits her wrongdoing.
  • Dad then tearfully confesses that the angel told him that Fenton is also a demon and must be slain.
  • She then tearfully admits she slept with Rafi.
  • Then tearfully would she repent of her folly, and bitterly would the others upbraid her, telling again of the joys and wonders she had squandered. Cited from Little Citizens, by Myra Kelly
  • The fairies then tearfully inform the Emperor that Wukong has eaten many of the peaches in the Heavenly Garden.
  • As soon as Detective Reese goes inside the house to investigate Lisa's actions, Derek soon arrives; he and Sharon then tearfully embrace one another.