their sacred

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  • She should, say their sacred books, have no other god on earth than her husband. Cited from The Ladies' Vase, by An American Lady
  • And it is their sacred duty to see to it that the fire in their hands shall never die down. Cited from Jean-Christophe Journey's End, by Romain Rolland
  • The men kept watch day and night to see that no harm came to their sacred charge. Cited from Last Journals of David Livingstone, II (of 2), by David Livingstone
  • They would probably object to giving up any copy of their sacred writings at all. Cited from Cleopatra, by Jacob Abbott
  • Although they were officially dismissed, many of the former religious continued to live their sacred life.
  • A great many boys are here educated by those readers of their sacred volume. Cited from Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official, by William Sleeman
  • It can be seen in their sacred songs and with how they handle their children's language.
  • He had come to take away their sacred character, and nobody could expect them to like it. Cited from The Story Of Sonny Sahib,Mrs. Everard Cotes
  • Meanwhile their sacred vineyard lay open to attack upon every side. Cited from The Emancipation of Massachusetts, by Brooks Adams
  • He, they passed their sacred word, lifted in his mother's arms and turned open-handed towards them. Cited from Little Novels of Italy, by Maurice Henry Hewlett
  • I have the happiness of one of their sacred nests under my chamber-window. Cited from Letters of the Right Honourable Lady M--y W--y M--e, by Montague
  • They also think of it as their sacred duty to protect recycling and force people to do so.
  • Once the Pongo people owned all this land and only had their sacred places beyond the water. Cited from Allan and the Holy Flower, H. Rider Haggard
  • Now sacred things receive their sacred character from God. Cited from Summa Theologica, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae), by Thomas Aquinas
  • The Indians used to call him their sacred bird. Cited from Winter Adventures of Three Boys, by Egerton R. Young
  • Many have arrived, in the natural progress of their sacred growth, at the point where they must abandon them. Cited from Unspoken Sermons, by George MacDonald
  • Certainly woman is given a high place in their sacred lore. Cited from The Euahlayi Tribe, Langloh Parker
  • The reader will attend to the distinction just stated -- the beginning and end of their sacred days. Cited from Palestine or the Holy Land, by Michael Russell
  • Their sacred fire was treated, in Imperial times, as the emperor's household fire.
  • And that this last was no empty threat is proved by the plain facts of their sacred history. Cited from The Gospel of the Pentateuch, by Charles Kingsley
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