their newfound

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  • Their newfound contribution of live musicians allowed for the group to operate more like a band than a studio act.
  • But in case of final failure, the project included a retreat to the mountains, with their newfound property. Cited from Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880, by George Washington Williams
  • The three friends put their newfound skills into practice fighting four members of Johnny's gang.
  • Now they must keep their newfound fans from finding out that Ayumi is actually a boy.
  • But back at work, they lack the courage of their newfound conviction.
  • They then applied their newfound knowledge to create replicas of the boats.
  • The group enjoys their newfound success and wealth, spending money on themselves and their loved ones.
  • As they leave, they sing of their newfound love.
  • The rest of the novel follows the characters and how they are each changed through their newfound relationship with Satan.
  • Because of their newfound belief system, the slaves started doing their duties much more willingly, without putting up any resistance.
  • They each then leave the Plaza with their newfound love.
  • Struck by their newfound power, the other girls begin naming other women whom they "saw" with the devil.
  • Italian families used their newfound wealth to purchase consumer durables for the first time.
  • The second chair is filled with the new Christian who is still learning how to make their newfound faith applicable to their daily life.
  • Fearing to interfere with the Plan, they keep their newfound knowledge to themselves.
  • Fans of the group were mixed at their newfound success; some regarded their unknown nature as an integral part of their appeal.
  • Zoey steps in; she and her friends use their newfound abilities to stop the spirits.
  • With their newfound perspective on life, the couple reconciles back together again.
  • Their newfound self-confidence changes their lives forever.
  • In terms of curriculum practice, the student has the choice in what they want to study and how they are going to apply their newfound knowledge.
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