their composition

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  • What was their composition and organization, what their strength, who their officers and leaders? Cited from The Campaign of 1776 around New York and Brooklyn, by Henry P. Johnston
  • For any two elements in the group, the table records what their composition is.
  • They occasionally wrote down their compositions or had them written down for them.
  • The drama's four parts are described below in the order of their composition.
  • This book also contains valuable information about the African troops and their composition.
  • As the nature of these is different, so their composition must be conducted in a different way. Cited from The Training of a Public Speaker, by Grenville Kleiser
  • Both these two latter applications allow players to save or load their composition.
  • How these needs are determined forms the basis of their composition, equipment and use of facilities.
  • A better understanding of their food value, however, can be gained from a study of their composition. Cited from Woman's Institute Library of Cookery, Vol. 2
  • Finally, many mountains can be characterized by the type of rock that make up their composition.
  • We are carried back in a vivid way to the period of their composition. Cited from The Bibliotaph, and Other People, by Leon H. Vincent
  • Some of these words show by their composition what preposition should follow. Cited from An English Grammar, by W. M. Baskervill and J. W. Sewell
  • They changed their musical direction into more alternative and mainstream or pop elements on their composition.
  • Their composition, however, as well as their effective powers, varied greatly at different times.
  • Their function has not been established, and their composition has not been fully elucidated.
  • All these styles would influence their understanding and way of making music, being very important in their compositions.
  • She gave the girls subjects for their compositions and helped them out of all their troubles. Cited from The King's Daughter and Other Stories for Girls, by Various
  • They are written in a very simple style; it has not been possible to establish the date of their composition.
  • It is their composition that gave the name to these carpets rather than the place of production.
  • The internal evidence all points to the middle of the third century before Christ as the date of their composition. Cited from Value of the Old Testament, by Charles Foster Kent
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