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  • Players can then view their collection from a separate section of the game.
  • Within the first year the library had over thirteen hundred books in their collection.
  • They began to search for a permanent home for their collection.
  • As their collections grew, so too did the need for a building to house them.
  • Their collections and stand-alone library buildings are listed in the main article.
  • States have also pursued their collection efforts through the court system.
  • Their collection then takes on a more specific focus.
  • The quality of their collection is very high.
  • By the mid-1960s, their collection had become well known.
  • People came from far and near to get his opinion on items in their collections. Cited from Ashton-Kirk, Investigator, by John T. McIntyre
  • Each of them was interested in art, and their town house was filled with their collections.
  • The officer charged with their collection reported that neither the accused nor any of his property could be found.
  • Eggs are extremely small and delicate, so great care should be taken in their collection.
  • These give the players protection during their collection of the silver ounces.
  • It was then up to Li to keep safe what was left of their collection.
  • As a result their collection represents a significant part of the film and museum heritage of the county.
  • They put out a call for donations of materials and gradually increased their collection over the years.
  • The museum does not currently indicate the aircraft is part of their collection, nor is it on display.
  • Their collections and stand-alone library buildings are listed below.
  • Most of them also gave some of their collection to Linnaeus when their journey was finished.
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