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  • It is considered to be the largest open-air theatre in the world.
  • People came to this theatre for an experience, not only to see a show.
  • Many of the current features are original from the theatre's first opening.
  • The open air theatre at the department is named after him.
  • This kind of activity was frequently carried out at the local drive-in theatre.
  • Despite efforts of the municipality, public support for the proposed theatre remains low.
  • It contains an open air theatre with a large open space.
  • The university campus also has an open air theatre for cultural events.
  • Just a few steps in south-eastern direction lies the 19th-century theatre.
  • Regular cultural events also take place here, such as open-air theatre productions.
  • The school has an open-air theatre in its center.
  • The forest has also been used for open-air theatre.
  • This is believed to be the largest crowd in the theatre's history.
  • He also notes that on this second evening, the theatre was full.
  • At first, films were silent and presented only limited competition to theatre.
  • Music and theatre are an important part of the culture.
  • Performance takes a wide range of forms, including theatre, music and drama.
  • During summer an open air theatre is held in the grounds.
  • There is an open-air theatre and a stadium with a permanent stage.
  • The theatre often has touring shows, as well as those by local companies.
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