that span

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  • They finished in second place in their division six times during that span.
  • During that span he made eight big league appearances with the club.
  • His way took him across the long bridge that spanned the river. Cited from The Ramrodders, by Holman Day
  • During that span, a number of players went on to play at the college level.
  • He did give up four home runs during that span.
  • Only three teams have won more games during that span.
  • The estate includes other buildings designed by Johnson that span his career.
  • Retired now, he had an active international singing career that spanned more than five decades.
  • There are also rain-fed fields and open range land that span several miles.
  • He kept that title for five years, although he only defended it three times during that span.
  • He had an art career that spanned over fifty years, remaining active in this work until his death.
  • Both had a professional art career that spans over a period of sixty years.
  • During that span, each of the four city's teams have lost championships during such years twice.
  • During that span he created scores of championship teams in basketball and track.
  • In addition to previously recorded music that spans the band's entire career, three new songs are included.
  • The work includes a bronze relief that spans one face of the wall.
  • The district includes historical and archaeological resources that span more than three centuries.
  • They were also the only teams in the division to have won consecutive titles during that span.
  • Everything but the Girl released a body of work that spanned two decades.
  • Other traditions have included events that span only a few years.
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